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In the middle of the paradise


I try to prepare myself to my holidays, so i decided to image it!People should to rest. And it could be an old city or cottage holidays or couple of days near the sea. The third one is mine. Waiting for this moment with impatience!


Northern lights


Un cadeau pour mon ami



Quand j’étais en Turquie , j’ai vu une montagne qui s’appelle Chimaera. Son paysage m’a inspiré de créer cette image.img_4313

A Postcard For My Sister

My sister adores send and receive the postcards to and from other countries. She asked me to create a postcard from her city. This is my view of Aarhus (Denmark)Орхус


L’animal Sauvage

I used this photo from one magazine, the photo of lion that wanted to walk in the city.DSCN9910 (4)

Door to a fairy tale

I saw this door near a forest and it32 was interested for me because there was no a house, just this door that open an enter to the garden. I think there is a little magic in that place.

А может в горы…

Читала журнал и увидела фотографию этих гор. Воспользовавшись идеей решилась вдохновится холодной и суровой, но в то же время поразительной природой.DSCN0004 (2)