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Autour de Paris

When I was in Paris this spring, I was impressed by park Buttes-Chaumont and people that I saw in one nice café.

At that moment I was thinking about artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir that described the life of parisians in his time.



(Image of Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Bal du moulin de la Galette”)

With this picture , I wanted to say that despite the new fashion and technologies, socials networks and equil rights beween women and men, people always like to gather and just talk with the glass of vine and good food.



A golden bird

2In a cold white winter i wanted to create something warm. And the warmest color for me is gold. So in this picture I decided to use a lot of it:)







Вот и пришла настоящая осень! Ее обязательно стоит прочувствовать и не дать ей так просто убежать. Ведь именно сейчас можно заметить буйство красок на деревьях, надеть пончо, поесть тыквы и печеные яблоки под теплые осенние фильмы.

Я стараюсь сейчас больше гулять. Это как раз то самое время. Гулять приятно, хоть и немного холодно. Но термос согревает. Нравится читать возле неспокойного моря. Все это вдохновляет на создание чего-то нового и прекрасного.

Всем желаю сладкой осени!

Црна гора



Montenegro is very beaurtiful country with wonderfull views and places. Everyone will find an entertainment for himself. It can be : discovering canyons or rafting and diving or visiting monasteris and churchies. It’s colorfull country with nice and open people!

In the middle of the paradise


I try to prepare myself to my holidays, so i decided to image it!People should to rest. And it could be an old city or cottage holidays or couple of days near the sea. The third one is mine. Waiting for this moment with impatience!