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Love is in the air

Love is in the airAir ball is such romantic thing that’s why some couples are playing wedding ceremony on it.

Someday  I wish to see the earth from this flier.



Take it easy

I finished my new video. You can watch it HERE.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Take it easy

DSCN6343DSCN6566 DSCN6540                                    DSCN6618

Now I’m finishing short film about  loosing your mind from trip that makes you really happy.

Most of elements of the picture are from Spain. 

I hope that this future video will bring good mood and energy.

Coming soon!

Peaceful moment

I understood that I want to paint loving couples more.

And here is my next art.

Peaceful moment

My close people inspired me on it. 

So it’s real couple in real situation.

A lot of such moments in your daily life!