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Here is my new short film about Odessa, Ukraine.

If somebody will like it, I would be glad^^

таки да2

Put quality – 480p


таки да таки да3


Thank you for watching!


In Love In Toulouse (Tuluza)


My next art is  about love.Romantic Toulouse (France) inspired me.

I wanted it feel  warm and sunny like in summer which is coming soon.

TAKI DA – Short Metr Soon

Совсем скоро я опубликую свою новую короткометражку под названием “ТАКИ ДА”.

Она будет участвовать в местном конкурсе социальной рекламы среди молодежи  “То, что нас объединяет”, в категории культура общественных взаимоотношений.

         При равноправии мужчин и женщин, культура все равно выходит на передний план и мужчины в этой ситуации уступают -идея фильма.

Не пропустите;)



So soon I will publish my new short film titled “TAKI DA.”

It will participate in a local contest of social advertising among young people “What unites us”, in the category  of  relations culture between people.

            When there is equality of men and women, culture still comes to the fore and men in this situation are  concede –  idea of the film.

Don’t miss;)

эта эта2

Letter to future

Снимок Today I received letter from me but 3 years before.

I read about who I expect to be,what I expect to do in 3 years and almost everything really happened.

Look and maybe it would be interesting for you to receive unexpectedly

or with the expectation of a letter from the past into the future.

English cites: this and this Снимок43

Russian cites(Сайты на русском): one and two




I had a little break because i studied. Education is important for me, so I couldn’t create something.

But now here is my next art:

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It’s lovebirds parrots. If parrot lovebird found a couple, it is safe to say that the couple remains faithful to each other throughout their lives.


Мои некоторые работы также можно увидеть опубликованные в группе вконтакте.

For people who know russian – Some of my work can also be seen in the group vkontakte.