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Creater Of Clouds

DSCN6725Alors, this is the last of my old pictures. Next will be only fresh;)

With all these years of mine creation, I change view on world. Like this girl. She is creating  something, and more and more.


Les Chevaux Blancs


I wished to paint something optimistic and happy:white lambs, rainbow,a wizard.

But still for somebody it’s a scary picture:))

We are all different, pick like it if you like it:)

Sky Over The Old Town

DSCN6727 I guess it’s 2010 year.

It is unknown town for me.

I believe that people who travel is free.

And freedom is the happiest thing in my life.DSCN6739

On The Bottom

DSCN6737 I like a sea.

And some day I would like to go diving, especially in Egypt or Crimea.

Bottom of the water is quiet,peaceful,blue and cool.



DSCN6743 My hero’s life  of this picture now  is  full of s .. t.
His life is  full of waste that distracts him from the important things in his life but he can  not understand his situation and he  can’t fight, becoming garbage himself. DSCN6744