This is how the time destroy the beauty without care.img_9735


Taking the bath outside

I’m not a painter, but when I feel the insparation from the work of talanted people, I want to express in  a way that I’m able to do, no matter if it’s whith the mystakes and if it’s not understsndable. That’s how I see the world:)img_9699

Fall in love wih Greece

Two weeks ago I visited a very beautiful country.

I was Greece, the Athens. It’s a special country when you see the wonderful buildings in one side and in the other side – the dirty streets and poor people.

It’s the city of real history and it doesn’t have the competitives as some countries in Europe that have the similar architecture and culture.

I was inspired by this country and even if I saw a lot of graffities, there is need to spend some months or even more to see all the great places and islands.


Here I add some photos that may inspire you too.

Autour de Paris

When I was in Paris this spring, I was impressed by park Buttes-Chaumont and people that I saw in one nice café.

At that moment I was thinking about artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir that described the life of parisians in his time.



(Image of Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Bal du moulin de la Galette”)

With this picture , I wanted to say that despite the new fashion and technologies, socials networks and equil rights beween women and men, people always like to gather and just talk with the glass of vine and good food.


A golden bird

2In a cold white winter i wanted to create something warm. And the warmest color for me is gold. So in this picture I decided to use a lot of it:)